Local Internet Marketing Proposal

Prepared for Jacob Feenstra, Founder Chameleon IT Service


Jacob! Allow me to just share how excited I am at the prospect of working together! Our 1-to-1’s have been awesome! Your responses to my questions were illuminating in many regards. The first objective for any local internet marketing campaign is to get TRAFFIC
This evaluation is designed to help you grow your local internet presence & visibility within your targeted niche. It is designed to connect with searchers who demonstrate the entire psychographic continuum. From information gathering to demonstrating ‘buyer intent‘. We are using a mix of different tactics to help you rank for your money keywords. You may be asking right about now, “what is a ‘money keyword?’” Quite simply they are keywords that are identified as part of our strategic and exhaustive research initiative into the psychology of your potential client base. A few keyword examples used in our initial keyword discovery included ‘computer repair’, ‘computer services’, ‘IT consultant’, etc…


We are recommending an initial mix of strategies as follows:

  • 75% of investment directed toward long-term leverage in Organic page one rankings. 
  • 25% toward instant leads via FB & Google Ads. 

Traffic & Lead Gen Strategy

Keyword Research

This is the cornerstone to any well-designed, well-maintained internet marketing strategy. Each keyword presents its own challenges and you must account for each one to succeed. 

On-page SEO

From building out your site’s content to ensuring each page is showing Google/Bing how to relate to you & your unique selling proposition, On-page SEO provides the greatest leverage over the long-term.

Biz Directory Listings

As a local strategy, we are going to pair your business with the most powerful business directory listings as possible. We’ll ensure that your business information is absolutely accurately shown!

Technical SEO

How fast is your site? Is it secure? Are there issues with the ‘viewport’ that keeps it from being mobile compliant…we are here to ensure that your server and site infrastructure supplements the campaign.

Off-page SEO

Building authentic (real outreach) links from industry sites that have high domain authority is our goal. Little by little adding these assets to your overall local internet marketing strategy makes you a contender!

Content Marketing

Converting all this traffic is the job of a solid content marketing deployment. AND one that deploys elements of conversion rate optimization. This cannot be understated in its importance.

Facebooks Ads

Helping to supplement the local internet marketing campaign, Facebook ads give us data to leverage our SEO campaign at large—at the same time helping to understand if the leads are bad, good, or great!

Social Media

Periodic ‘farming’ on your social media properties helps Google & Bing to understand more of who you are, who you are trying to serve, and how you are trying to serve them. 

Live-tracking Reports

See everything broken down in a beautiful web-based dashboard. Get the data to make marketing decisions that yield greater leverage over the long-term.

What Does an Initial Six-month Campaign Look Like?

Deliberate. Intentional. Effective. (a brief snapshot)

Month One

First, we start with ensuring that your website is absolutely clear of any suppression penalties. Sometimes, our client’s site is in need of an update. We modify the existing website design to establish the foundation for a successful campaign.

Google’s Panda algorithm update is not like previous algorithm updates, where sites are penalized for ‘gaming the system’. Rather, it is an across the board suppression component built into the algorithm to reduce all rankings for which you are currently pursuing. Once we get your site clear of these issues, everything else we do strategically has more power and weight to it. Additionally, we begin developing our action plan based on your marketing strategy.

Month Three

This is where we begin to put the majority of the campaign into action. Continuing our efforts from previous months, we identify what is working as expected and what needs to be modified against the overall campaign strategy. We use hyper-tracking technology to identify the smallest of ranking changes over time. This allows us to see granular aspects of campaign efficacy.

Month Six

Turning the corner toward the home stretch of the initial campaign, the last portion of the campaign tactical effort is deployed. During this final month of the campaign, we are identifying overall efficacy of the initial campaign and applying what is learned toward all future campaigns.

Download the Chameleon IT Service On-page SEO Report

Campaign Investment Levels

Setting the foundation for leverage, makes each subsequent marketing dollar more powerful.


$ 850
/ MO
  • HipBadger Reporting Suite
  • Top 10 Keywords
  • $125 of Facebook Ads
  • Yucaipa Only Focused
  • 30 Biz Directory Listings
  • Google Local Optimization
  • Periodic Social Media Posts


$ 1200
/ MO
  • HipBadger Reporting Suite
  • Top 15 Keywords
  • $175 of Facebook Ads
  • Yucaipa | Beaumont Focus
  • 45 Biz Directory Listings
  • Google Local Optimization
  • Social Media Posts


$ 1750
/ MO
  • HipBadger Reporting Suite
  • Top 20 Keywords
  • $250 of Facebook Ads
  • Yucaipa | Beaumont | Redlands
  • 60 Biz Directory Listings
  • Google Local Optimization
  • Social Media Posts
  • Press Release & High DA Guest Post (40+)

Moving Forward

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