Digital Marketing Proposal

Prepared for Michael & Genevieve Isidro, Owners of Nooma Living


Awesome couple! Allow me to just share how excited I am at the prospect of working together! Our passion is to help grow businesses that are dedicated to providing an exceptional service to their clients. And clearly you guys are interested in delivering health, wellness, and wealth for your clients & advocate partners.
Our meetings were very informative and quite inspiring. I bet you guys get that a lot, eh?

The first objective for any internet marketing campaign is to get QUALIFIED TRAFFIC. It’s a pretty simple, straightforward strategy—build it and they will come.

This proposal is designed to help you grow your internet presence & visibility within your targeted niche. It is designed to connect with searchers who demonstrate interest during the entire sales cycle. From information gathering (“why do essential oils work”) to demonstrating ‘buyer intent’ (“doterra signup”), we will use a mix of different tactics to help you rank for your money keywords.
You may be asking right about now, “what is a ‘money keyword?’” Quite simply they are keywords that are identified as part of our strategic and exhaustive research initiative into the psychology of your potential client base. A few keyword examples used in our initial keyword discovery included “where to buy essential oils”, “essential oils for stress”, “wholesale essential oils”, etc…

Challenges to Overcome

Desktop Site Speed Needs Work

Currently, is suffering from severe page speed issues. As you can see the screenshot shows a significant need to remediate the site. High-quality SEO is built on a solid ‘home base’ approach. Your home base will require a remodel to be an asset to your marketing campaigns & business in general.

Skipping this will hinder/hamper all internet-related organic marketing campaigns. Every dollar spent toward climbing the rankings in Google will have an anvil around its neck; weighing it down and making it less productive. 

This screenshot is for rendered on a desktop computer.

Mobile Site Speed is Poor

Back in late 2014, mobile internet traffic surpassed desktop traffic. Since then the importance of having a well-designed mobile friendly website has only increased.

It cannot be overstated that Google places a massive significance on mobile compatibility and mobile-rendered website speed. is not performing well and is being suppressed in the Google rankings as a result.

Keyword Economy Overview

Total Search Volume

Out of the 200 keywords that I supplied that align with where you all want to drive Nooma Living, 52 made the tier one cut. Those 52 keywords comprise the search volume that you see here: 431,000 monthly searches. This is great!

Each keyword has its own economy wherein the potential candidate websites around the world are all competing for page one by the way that they present themselves to Google. The Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) is then filtering these different site’s efforts to allow the most qualified results onto page one.

Total Clicks (monthly)

As you can see the percentage of clicks that paid media buys receives are a literal pittance when compared against the organic clicks (a.k.a. Traffic). Only 25,270 (approx) clicks were captured by pay per click ads. 

Clearly, organic clicks provide sites who rank well in those keyword verticals a healthy amount of leverage for their marketing investment. Free traffic (clicks they do not have to pay for) is WAY better than paid. Anybody can buy an ad. Only a very select few make it to page one. Then it holds that ranking well in Google is a social proof of your business. By ranking you on page one, Google is referring to you as the expert in this area. Boomshakalaka!

Search Market

Michael & Genevieve, we performed an exhaustive analysis & discovered a healthy search market. A search market is the combination of strategic keywords. “Essential oils for cold sores” is a good example of a strategic keyword. This keyword alone is quite profitable. Currently, your competitors are paying $6 for each click. This shows us that this keyword closes significant business for your competitors.

It also shows us that this is a lucrative keyword in the low part of the Ranking Difficulty scale. What is awesome is there is significant activity in the low & moderate end of the scale—which is good news for us! Below is a listing of keyword examples specific to your business that we believe would have positive outcomes.



  • wholesale essential oils
  • do essential oils work
  • essential oils for hair
  • cheap essential oils
  • essential oils for pain
  • essential oils for depression
  • essential oils for hair growth
  • where to buy essential oils
  • essential oils for stress
  • essential oils for fleas
  • essential oils recipes
  • essential oils for allergies
  • doterra reviews
  • essential oils for colds
  • essential oils for anxiety
  • essential oils for arthritis
  • organic essential oils
  • essential oils for acne
  • essential oils for asthma
  • essential oils for sleep
  • essential oils for thyroid
  • essential oils for eczema
  • essential oils for weight loss
  • essential oils for adhd
  • essential oils for inflammation
  • essential oils for sinus infection
  • essential oils for psoriasis
  • amazon essential oils
  • essential oils for cough
  • essential oils for congestion
  • essential oils for headaches
  • antifungal essential oils
  • essential oils for cold sores
  • essential oils for migraines
  • essential oils for hemorrhoids
  • essential oils for nausea
  • essential oils for high blood pressure
  • essential oils for energy
  • essential oils for sore throat
  • doterra compensation plan


  • calming essential oils
  • essential oils guide
  • best essential oils
  • best essential oils for skin
  • essential oils for skin
  • essential oils diffuser


  • essential oils
  • doterra essential oils
  • benefits of essential oils
  • what are essential oils
  • essential oils uses
  • how to use essential oils

Traffic & Lead Gen Strategy

Keyword Research

This is the cornerstone to any well-designed, well-maintained internet marketing strategy. Each keyword presents its own challenges and you must account for each one to succeed. 

On-page SEO

From building out your site’s content to ensuring each page is showing Google/Bing how to relate to you & your unique selling proposition, On-page SEO provides the greatest leverage over the long-term.

Conversion Tracking

We’ll track up to 10 key performing indicators to help us understand how well our tactics, strategies, and actions are doing in meeting their intended outcome targets. Staying on top is literally half the battle!

Technical SEO

How fast is your site? Is it secure? Are there issues with the ‘viewport’ that keeps it from being mobile compliant…we are here to ensure that your server and site infrastructure supplements the campaign.

Off-page SEO

Building authentic (real outreach) links from industry sites that have high domain authority is our goal. Little by little adding these assets to your overall local internet marketing strategy makes you a contender!

Content Marketing

Working with NL with high-quality video assets. Converting all this traffic is the job of a solid content marketing deployment. AND one that deploys elements of conversion rate optimization. This cannot be understated in its importance. 

Micro-data (huh?)

Three or so years ago a new web code format emerged into the market that aided Google & Bing in understanding super-relevant information about your site. This data was held in a special format that allowed browsers to display it in a special way. Good example, would be the Stars that exist in an organic listing.

Social Media

Periodic ‘farming’ on your social media properties helps Google & Bing to understand more of who you are, who you are trying to serve, and how you are trying to serve them. 

Live-tracking Reports

See everything broken down in a beautiful web-based dashboard. Get the data to make marketing decisions that yield greater leverage over the long-term.

What Does an Initial Six-month Campaign Look Like?

Deliberate. Intentional. Effective. (a brief snapshot)

Month One

First, we start with ensuring that your website is absolutely clear of any suppression penalties. Sometimes, our client’s site is in need of an update. We modify the existing website design to establish the foundation for a successful campaign.

Google’s Panda algorithm update is not like previous algorithm updates, where sites are penalized for ‘gaming the system’. Rather, it is an across the board suppression component built into the algorithm to reduce all rankings for which you are currently pursuing. Once we get your site clear of these issues, everything else we do strategically has more power and weight to it. Additionally, we begin developing our action plan based on your marketing strategy.

Month Three

This is where we begin to put the majority of the campaign into action. Continuing our efforts from previous months, we identify what is working as expected and what needs to be modified against the overall campaign strategy. We use hyper-tracking technology to identify the smallest of ranking changes over time. This allows us to see granular aspects of campaign efficacy.

Month Six

Turning the corner toward the home stretch of the initial campaign, the last portion of the campaign tactical effort is deployed. During this final month of the campaign, we are identifying overall efficacy of the initial campaign and applying what is learned toward all future campaigns.

Download the Nooma Living
On-page SEO Report

Campaign Investment Levels

Setting the foundation for leverage makes each subsequent marketing dollar more powerful.


ROI-based (3X)
$ 975
/ MO
  • HipBadger Reporting Suite
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Top 10 Low Diff Keyword
  • One-time KW Research
  • Content Marketing Creation
  • YouTube Optimization
  • On-page Optimization
  • Periodic Social Media Posts


ROI-based (5X)
Moderate Difficulty Keywords
$ 1750
/ MO
  • HipBadger Reporting Suite
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Top 20 Keywords
  • Moderate & Low Keywords
  • Monthly KW Research
  • 3 PR Releases/Campaign
  • High DA Guest Post/mo
  • Content Marketing Creation
  • Content Promotion
  • YouTube Optimization
  • Google Local Optimization
  • Social Media Posts


ROI-based (4X)
$ 1425
/ MO
  • HipBadger Reporting Suite
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Top 15 Keywords (LOW)
  • Quarterly KW Research
  • Content Marketing Creation
  • 3 High DA Guest Post
  • One Press Release
  • YouTube Optimization
  • Google Local Optimization
  • Social Media Posts

Keyword Economy Context

After performing an exhaustive analysis of the likely keyword candidates and their respective verticals, these numbers above should really be starting around $3750/mo. However, by teaming up together on this campaign, wherein you all are providing high-quality video properties that we can leverage, we will be able to get more done with less investment. 

I’ve tried to keep the investment levels as economical as possible. To that end I’ve waived my Account Initiation Fee.

Clearly this is a highly lucrative market. The research & data collected bear that out.

Michael & Genevieve, due to the issues with your website’s speed & current platform it is really important that this be addressed. I understand that you may not want to re-build your entire website, so I would like to make the following proposal.

  • I will re-build the infrastructure of your site, but will use your current site design & copy.
  • I will re-build the core code of your website, so that it conforms to today’s standards & renders fast so Google/Bing don’t continue to suppress you in the rankings.
  • As long as you are in an active SEO campaign with HipBadger, I will host this new version of your site on our super-fast SEO business-grade hosting for FREE (Regularly starting at $75/mo)
  • Enjoy all of the wonderful services of HipBadger business-grade web hosting including:
    • Nightly Backups
    • Domain name content delivery network (speed booster)
    • Pre-flight code updates (keeping your site running optimally & current to today’s technology)
    • Securitization/Hardening measures
    • Firewall (additional security)

This will give an opportunity to succeed in Google Rankings. I would like to offer this option to you for:


For context, our ground-up new website builds start at $2500 for a four page site (business-focused). 


Moving Forward

Give me a buzz. We can discuss any questions you might have 🙂

(909) 520-5342

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